Covr (Collaborative Virtual Reality)

Three 3D-360° film modules, made for the Oculus Go headset.
Approx. 5 min each.

Cinematographer & Editor: Barry Pousman

Design Facilitators: Lauren Stott & Sofie Hodara

Advisor: Eric Gordon

Partners: MA Dept. of Correction; Office of Returning Citizens, City of Boston

Generously supported by Microsoft

Read the full Masters Thesis
We prototyped a VR reentry preparation program combining 360° films designed using a participatory VR design method with a curriculum. The films depicts reentry situations from the first-person perspective of a recently released woman The 360° films provide a realistic shared experience that mental health specialists can use to facilitate group discussions.

Thank you to my partners, especially the women I met in South Middlesex Correctional Center, who knew that we are all recovering from something. This project is in honor of our team member, Henny.


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