Illustration for the final Project Fair to conclude the month-long hackathon. The digital “house” became our archive, incorporating new objects and spaces corresponding to planned and spontaneous community memories (including the backyard art exhibition space, living room spaces, firepit for group gatherings).

Feminist Future(s) Hackathon

Website, Discord server, Zoom events and workshops, mailed giftboxes (postcards, stickers, candle, tea, candle, poetry)
One Month
USA (Online)

Co-organizers: Catherine D’Ignazio, Alexis Hope, Josephine Hoy, Jenn Roberts, Laura Zittrain.

Organization Partners: The Renée, Period Equity, Pueblo Action Alliance, National Domestic Workers Alliance Sisters Unchained.

︎ Feminist Future(s) website

From May 3-30, 2021, we hosted a virtual hackathon, public speaker series, and virtual art exhibition around feminist innovation and values. In response to isolation during the COVID-19 lockdowns, the hackathon was conceptually located in a shared, living, and fantastical “house,” which grew over our month together.

Of 500+ applicants, we selected 50 hackathon participants from around the U.S. Participants formed 12 teams across four tracks: Reproductive Justice, The Care Economy, Prison Abolition, Environmental Justice. Tracks were each mentored by community partner organizations. Each week, we hosted one public speaker and one workshop facilitator to explore the week’s theme: Care, World-Building, Pleasure, and Time.

Almost all teams have continued to meet about their projects and new collaborations beyond the hackathon timeframe. Designed interventions included interactive resource maps for Black, Brown, and Indigenous communities; dinner conversation cards to counter stigmas around reproductive health; and a dictionary to begin building shared vocabulary around care.

Our hackathon inspired two other independently organized “Feminist Futures” hackathons in London and Helsinki.

Feminist Future(s) website homepage, May 30, 2021. Organized during the second wave of COVID-19 lockdowns, the hackathon was conceived of as taking place in a shared virtual house that grew with our hackathon community over the month.

Graphic for social media, publicizing our public speaker series. This was set in a “living room.”

Early concept sketch for our hackathon website as taking place in and around a virtual living house, Feb. 5, 2021.