The Abuse and Misogynoir* Playbook

* Misogynoir, a term coined by Dr. Moya Bailey in 2010, describes the particular form of anti-Black sexism faced by Black women

Digital infographic, illustration, collage

I was commissioned to visually translated an article written by Dr. Katlyn Turner, Prof. Danielle Wood and Prof. Catherine D'Ignazio.

The article was prompted by the swift and viral dismissal of Google’s Ethical AI Co-Lead, Dr. Timnit Gebru, and sought to reveal how Gebru’s dismissal continues centuries of individuals and institutions successfully abusing these misogynist tactics to silence, shame, and erase Black women and their contributions.

The full article about the Abuse and Misogynoir Playbook describes the abusive tactics used by Google and draws connections between Gebru and a lineage of Black women who also faced these tactics over time.


Almost every aspect of this visual was designed collaboratively with the authors, from copy, colors, type, motifs, to choice of historical and contemporary photographs.


︎ Read the article (State of AI Ethics, January 2021 Report, Montreal AI Ethics Institute)

︎ Read article by Khari Johnson (VentureBeat)