The Little Archive

Interactive documentary
Found footage from LU81 TV Canal 7.
Team: Luisina Pozzo Ardizzi, Rodrigo Caprotti, Diana Orghian, Manuel Aristarán

“The Little Archive” is a participatory archive and multimedia art project about memory workers and counter-narratives in Argentina, created with survivors of the state genocide in the 1970s and 1980s. Through previous film research, our team recovered six hours of footage showing the city Bahía Blanca during this period in which state and paramilitary actors ‘disappeared’ and murdered an estimated 30,000 activists.

Despite recent investments in transitional justice measures (e.g. criminal prosecutions, institutions dedicated to truth and memory), initiatives that engage survivors and victims’ families often use them for their stories as “witnesses” or “data sources.” We recognize survivors as memory workers—people able to influence collective memory—and through a mutual design process, we support their capabilities to counter-narrate the past and imagine brighter futures.

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